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Where There’s A Will – Elizabeth Furbee

Benjamin Furbee was born in Northwestern England in 1633. His father is believed to be Felix Furbee of Scotland Born 1613 Died 1667. He married Elizabeth. She was born in 1634 and was born and died in the same locations as her husband.

The marriage of Benjamin and Elizabeth is calculated to be 1650 and was in England.

The couple had five children, all born in England.

  • Felix b.1652
  • George b.1653
  • Benjamin b.1655 (my ancestor)
  • Mary b.1656
  • Elizabeth b.1658

Benjamin left England and arrived in America Jan 1668. We do not know what happened during his voyage and immediately after his arrival in America but something may have happened that affected his health. Benjamin secured land for his wife and children who were to follow him to Maryland.

Benjamin died on 16 Feb 1668 on Kent Island, in Queen Anne’s, Talbot County, Maryland, USA. This happened as his wife and five children were on a ship, making the voyage to be reunited as a family.

I can not imagine what it was like for Elizabeth and children when they arrived. Knowing her husband died alone. The immense responsibility of raising the children without her husband in this strange new land fell upon her.

It was not uncommon at that time for widows to live with family or to foster children out to the family. Elizabeth did not have these options. She could have sold the land Benjamin bought to finance a return trip to England where she would have had support. She did not do this.

Elizabeth stayed in Maryland. I often think of the strength of character she had and the pain she suffered. She not only raised the children but it would seem they were of good character. Her close descendants help create the first Methodist Church in America. Her personal story and struggles lead to the Methodist Church.

All Furbee descendants and members of the United Methodist Church owe Elizabeth Furbee. I am thankful for the steely will of this woman and as a descendant and a member of the UMC owe her a large debt and I am very grateful for my powerful ancestor.

Not a Furbee
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