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Love Lessons – Paul and Alice Randolph

The descendants of Paul Chester Randolph and Alice Omega (Wolfe) Randolph learned many lessons about love by listening to their story and watching them. Grandma Randolph made it point to share secrets of long-lasting marriage with her family.

When my husband and I got married she gave us a list of things, printed out, in a simple black frame that she thought would help make sure we stayed married. Once my husband and I grew up and got over ourselves we were able to take her picture frame to heart. Much of the advice is standard advice but it is all true. This is a mix of things she put in the frame and things my husband I learned from them.

Some Examples

  • Never go to bed mad.
  • Always kiss goodnight.
  • Never go to bed without saying I love you.
  • Never leave the house without saying I love you.
  • Joke around.
  • Crazy happens.
  • See the best.
  • Pray.
  • Be patient.
  • Just love.

Grandma and Grandpa definitely had their moments

All marriages have rocky or turbulent moments. They also had wonderful moments. Those are the ones they chose to remember the most. When they got married, became parents, became grandparents, became great-grandparents and when they celebrated 50 years of not killing each other or driving each other totally mad.

For the 50th wedding celebration, they had scrolls that were passed out. There is no greater way to share how they felt about each other and their family than by sharing the words in the scroll.

Alice Omega Wolfe and Paul Chester Randolph
Alice Omega Wolfe and Paul Chester Randolph

” 1947 – September 12 – 1997

‘I have found the one whom my soul loves’ (Song of Solomon 3:4)

As autumn leaves turn their brilliant hues, we join together and pledge our vows anew.

This is just a little ‘Thank You’ but it’s written especially for you, for finding time in your busy schedule to share a memory or two. We will always treasure the times we have shared along life’s way. The love and strength you have brought to us means more than words can say. Now, when this day is over and all our guests have departed, the memory of this joyous time will really just have started.

Thank you for celebrating our anniversary with us. We are grateful to have been blest with 50 years together.

‘As Christ so loved each of us, may we continue to share our love with one another’ (John 15:12)


Alice and Paul”



Even in celebrating their own special event they thought of others. That may be the greatest lesson they had for us all.

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  1. Stacie says:

    I CRIED! Thank you guys so much! I am beyond speechless!

  2. Kellie King says:

    Tom had a similar reaction when he read it and saw the pictures I picked and restored. I hate making people I love get weepy but I am glad it touched your hearts. Remember Crazy Happens!

  3. Stacie Pearson says:

    But, my dear, it’s happy tears and those are good! You did a wonderful job! <3

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