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The chart below is part of what I have been working on that has taken me from blogging. I have been chart crazy lately. This is the start of my GPS/UTM chart for Wetzel County, West Virginia. The entries below are for Center District. I went into Google Drive and made a spreadsheet for Wetzel County, giving each district a tab. I am excited about this project.

If this experiment goes well I will be making a spreadsheet for all of the counties I research heavily in. I know this is a little OCD but I have found it very useful in getting a different perspective on my family history. My next major step is to make a map of the locations I have mapped out in Adobe and have Photoshop layers for plat maps, historic land changes and more. This will give me an opportunity to see beyond just GPS/UTM or plat maps. I hope someone finds this article helpful. If this inspires you to map out your family this way or in another way let me know in the comments below!


Center District, Wetzel County, West Virginia, USA

Name Place Type Notes AKA GPS
Anthem Community Unincorporated Lat 39.6467497 Lon -80.5284176
Dean Community Lat 39.6495262 Lon -80.5900872
Delaney Community Lat 39.6348035 Lon -80.6295343
Endicott Community Endicot Lat 39.6781373 Lon -80.5836963
Hoyt Community Lat 39.6128591 Lon -80.6367581
Knob Fork Community Unincorporated Geaneytown, Joliff, Joliffe, Jolliffes Store, Knobford, Knobfork Store, Sugar Run Lat 39.6486938 Lon -80.5467517
Kodol Community Unincorporated Lat 39.6228608 Lon -80.5406418
Onie Community Ghost Town Unie Lat 39.37110 Lon -80.37510
Rockport Community Unincorporated Lat 39.7075815 Lon -80.5811945
Silver Hill Community Unincorporated Silverhill Lat 39.6931362 Lon -80.6311978
Suter Community Ghost Town Lat 39.618692 Lon 80.651203
Uniontown Community Lat 39.633684 Lon -80.558239
Wheat Community Dakon, Little Creek Lat 39.6264709 Lon -80.5948109
Wileyville Community Unincorporated, Former County Seat Lat 39.6306361 Lon -80.6734256
Shuman Lands Family Carl Bryan Shuman and Ancestors Lat 39.6175901 Lon -80.6498533
Sapp House Family Ollie and Maxine Sapp Lat 39.6213388 Lon -80.6164238
Sapp Farm Family Aunt Tersie and Ancestors Lat 39.6473487 Lon -80.5476422
Peggy Family “Aunt” Peggy Lat 39.6259094 Lon -80.658038
Clarence Dean Family SPO Irene Cain Lat 39.624518 Lon -80.610071
Long Valley Baptist Church Church Lat 39.6254174 Lon -80.6071538
Long Valley Church of Christ Church Lat 39.6275221 Lon -80.6011259
Potts Cemetery Cemetery Long Valley Cemetery Lat 39.6276835 Lon -80.6001959
Shuman School School Historical Lat 39.6209144 Lon -80.6439803


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