Kellie King

My name is Kellie. I am a mother of two. My eldest child is a daughter, Catherine “Katie” Scarlett and she has a son “Josh” Joshua. My youngest child will carry on the King Surname, as son Christian “Alex/Chris” Alexander.

I am a June Bride. Tom and I were married in 1995. To be married to love of my life for half of my life is a blessing.

I grew up thinking that visiting grave sites and talking about dead people was what every family did. I always wanted to help Dad research the family, but he had it down on his own. After I got married I concentrated on Moms side of the family so that Dad could make more time to work on his side.

The first time I went to my Husband’s family reunion I heard tales about his Grandpa King who was the family historian and organizer of the event. When I realized no one in my husband’s branch were undertaking any genealogy research I incorporated his family research into mine.

My family is dear to me. I am lucky enough to have known many of my great-grandparents. It gave me a unique perspective on family. So Scrap-booking, writing family stories, photo restoration, document restoration and genealogy felt natural.

I also love to cook and have realized several of my favorite dishes growing up are influenced by my heritage and geography. There is such a large German and Irish heritage for so many West Virginians that shows in our food. Yet here, in North Carolina is where I get to enjoy so many German eateries and Irish Pubs! I have been learning more Irish and German dishes and even improve on many common to West Virginia and cannot wait to share them on here as I perfect them. Now if only I had Great Grandma’s Bier recipe for Cinnamon Rolls!

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