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Ancestral Hobbies and Interests – Ties That Bind

Hobbies I share with my ancestors all involve yarn. I have an addiction to crafts that involve yarn and am a yarn collector at this point.

  • Knitting: I taught myself to loom knit, I am still learning. Both my Mimi and my Grandma Maxine were needle knitters. MiMi did not teach me how to knit after failing to get other younger generations interesting. Grandma Maxine did not teach me because there were other things she thought more important for me to learn, like crocheting. I was never really good at that. I have tried to help my family learn to loom knit. It is a work in progress.
  • Plastic Canvas: My Mother and Grandma Maxine were big into plastic canvas. They both worked with me and taught me how. I do not have as much to do it as I would like but I do enjoy it. My husband is learning plastic canvas and has a knack for it. I have also shared this with my children.
  • Latch Hook: Again, my Mimi and Grandma Maxine are in this category. Grandma Maxine taught me how to do latch hook. My husband became fascinated with it when I taught him.
Photo Collecting Hobbies
Photo Collecting

The interest I share with my ancestors is genealogy.

I share a passion for family history with my Dad and my Great Grandpa Bryan. Grandpa Bryan left us notes about our family history. He also worked with our cousin Wallace Foster McKimmie on The Furbee Family book. He was the one who taught my Dad, and my Dad, in turn, taught me.

I often joke that my Dad raised me in a cemetery. He made sure I knew how to use Family Tree Maker, to read Pedigree Charts and anything else he could think to share with me.

I think the best part is that Grandpa Bryan, my Dad and I all have such different approaches to the passion we share. Grandpa Bryan was all about making sure people full names and birthdates were properly tracked, My Dad loved the analytical puzzle aspect, I love the stories and the pictures. I collect both. I try to record and share the stories and repair and even colorize some of the photos.

Having both hobbies and interests in common with my ancestors have created a special bond that I am grateful for. I hope my descendants will have similar stories of me one day.


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