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Luck – Not In The Face

This is the story my husband told me I should write when I told him I was going to write about Luck for the 52 Ancestors writing prompt. Luck, both good and bad, was with him that day. He is blessed that the accident was not worse.

When my husband often stayed with and visited his maternal and paternal grandparents, especially in the summers. One summer when he was visiting with is Moms parents, his Grandpa and Grandma Randolph he found out the meaning of Luck.

His grandparents lived in a rural community. Letart, Mason County, West Virginia, right outside Point Pleasant. Tom had been swimming and had decided to run around and play. The dangerous toys we played with in the 1970’s and 1980’s would be a post or two of its own. On a sunshiny day like that one, you might think my husband could have been hurt by something like real, old-fashioned lawn darts or a gun that could poke his eye out, but that is not what happened that day.

Some Luck

Like many rural people at that time, they burned trash in a trash fire. His family had just filled the trash fire. One of the things in there was a plastic bottle. It was accidentally put in, with the lid still on. The heat from the fire caused an explosion that threw molten plastic all over Tom. All he was wearing that day was his little swimming shorts. His mom and grandma grabbed him and put him in a cold shower and started to pull the plastic from his skin, he still has scars.

The plastic bottle came close but did not go into his eyes or face. It came as close as his neck. Had it went into his eyes his life would have been forever changed. We try not to think about how bad it could have been had that happened to him.




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