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What is Kingealogy?

In basic terms The Kingealogy is the study of Kings, but in our case, it is a twenty plus year journey of our family genealogy. For me it started in childhood with Dad teaching me our past, making sure we went to family reunions and moving onto Family Tree Maker when first released. For Tom it was his grandfather talking to him about his kin and organizing the annual Tennessee King Reunion.

Tom and I began Kingealogy in early 2000 and first launched the website on November 3rd, 2001. We are back online and excited to meet and network with even more relatives!

We want Kingealogy to be more than a place to display our digital tree. The goal is to build a community, and a common resource repository for census records, birth certificates, death certificates and additional resources. Our family is more than dates, facts, sources and resources. Together we will make this a place to share their stories, photos and more.

Kingealogy - The Roots of Our Family
Kingealogy – The Roots of Our Family

Sapps and Kings of Kingealogy

My family is from Wild Wonderful West Virginia and was paramount to the establishment of the state and of Maryland. We hailed from Ireland, Scotland, England and Germany. Our surnames are Anderson, Bier, Burgess, Caldwell, Cavalier, Chapline, Crossland, Darrah, Furbee, Jackson, Landon, Moore, Myers, Sapp, Shuman, Triplett, Willey and Yoho.

My husband’s family hails from Tennessee and you cannot look at the past of Sevier, Tennessee without running into them. They are of British, Cherokee, German, Scottish and other ancestries. Surnames include Bohannon, Brewer, Byrd, Dickson, Emert, Goodnite, Hancock, Howard, King, Marshall, McMahan, Randolph, Rainwater, Runyon, Ruthven, Webb, Wolfe and Trotter.

Whether you are looking for Mountain Momma’s or Smoky Kinsman this is the site to visit.

Genealogy is not just our heritage, it is our legacy.  Therefore, I want this to be the legacy I leave behind for my children and theirs. I invite you to join me on this journey through time.

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