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My Scarf of Many Colors

Continuing with the theme of Goals and Achievements for 52 Stories is something I taught myself to do, without little help from someone else. The answer for me is loom knitting.

I am still learning. With any craft, I believe you are always still learning.

Below is Sue Sue the clown. I made the scarf in less than a week. It is a basic stitch but it was so warm!

I always seem to have a few projects going. Right now I am trying to get a scarf done for Tom but I have been struggling to transform the pattern from traditional knitting to the loom. I will figure it out soon or just start again and chalk the first time to practice. I think I have two or three project bags right now. It is funny I started to learn knitting because I have Raynaud’s Disease yet I am always trying to make things for everyone else.

Sue Sue the Clown

Sue Sue. Raleigh, North Carolina, Christmas Parade 2017.

It made my heart swell when I got to see my grandson all dressed up in his red scarf and matching hat that his “Granny King” made him. That feeling is why, to do date, I have only made myself the clown scarf.

Gloves and socks are next on my to do. I think my friends and family can only live with me making so many hats and scarves. I hope to learn more patterns in the future. There is, of course, the iconic Doctor Who scarf I want to make, I want to make more Jane Hats, but as a special treat for myself, I really want to learn how to make a DNA scarf on a round loom or long double loom.

DNA Scarf Pattern
DNA Scarf. Nerdy. Practical. So Me.

Many of the women in my family could needle knit. I never learned how. Doing this makes me feel closer to them. I know they sat at home, rocking, making things for the people they loved, just as I do.

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