Love Boggles.

Love Letter – Valentines Day 2018

For the Family History Writing Challenge, I should be writing about one of my ancestors. I chose instead to write about one of descendants ancestors, my husband. The best way I can help my descendants get to know my husband, Tom, is to let them see what I see in him by writing TJ Love Letters and creating new rituals.


There is always so much I want to say to you. Yes, I am writing this for our descendants to have a chance to see you that way I do, but just like every other love letter I write you, I write in hopes of you seeing yourself the way I do.

It is hard to work on family history and not think about how much I love you. The story I want us to leave. Yesterday when I was talking to Katie she could not believe that in only two years you and I will have been married twenty-five years.  Sometimes, I can not believe it either. When I look at you I see my groom from our wedding day. When I look at you I see every gray hair you have earned. I love the man you were and the man you are.

That is one of the reasons I asked you not to buy me a gift this year. Growing old with you is the greatest gift you could give me. Giving me all of yourself, the good and the bad, every day is extraordinary and beautiful. So are you.

Today I have been thinking about the couple who posed every year for their anniversary, in the same pose, in front of the same house. I smile when I think about how much those pictures and that story touch you.  I know this is not the same but I will write you a letter every year on Valentines Day and on our Anniversary.

If you should pass before me, I will be like that man in the photo who stood alone, in the same pose, in front of the same house. You are my eternal love.



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