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Invite To Dinner – Dead Man’s Party

I wouldn’t invite any of my ancestors to dinner. That may sound harsh or odd for a genealogist to say. It would be tempting to invite to dinner a brick wall ancestor or a loved one I miss. There is one problem, other than the difficulty to pick just one.

I’d invite none of them to dinner. It would be selfish of me. I’d be taking them away from heaven if even for the shortest time. I’ll have an eternity to ask them all questions, to observe them as family units.  Plucking one part of a couple, or one piece of the puzzle down. You don’t get the full story that way.

To receive an invite from an ancestor would be different. I would hope it’d be multiple family members, I would want an ancestor party full of shared stories, recipes swapping and singing songs. I would visit family I miss and those I have wanted to learn more about.

Orloff Miller, your secrets would be revealed!

My Pappy would be there with his seeing eye pet, Tom. Pappy might still feel my face to see me out of habit. For the first time, he’d see me with his eyes.

My Great Grandma Malinda would be there and I could tell her she is one of my heroes and thank her for being her.

The most important person would be my Dad. I know soon after he got there the genealogy bug in him would have sent him all about asking our ancestors all the questions I would ask. Talking to him I would get the information on all the brick walls and more. Mostly I would just get to hug my Dad again, to hear his voice again and let him know I am keeping his stories and work alive until we are together again.


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