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Greatest Academic Achievement

My greatest academic achievement is not a single award or diploma. It is the events of one summer and the events that led up to it.

While in high school I was in a car accident that changed my life. I suffered moderate brain damage from the event and the education system let me fall through the cracks. My parents were awesome as I recovered. It was often hard for me to walk without thinking about it, I would chant left, left, left, right, left to move. I forgot how to do basic math. It was a difficult time. My parents bought me workbooks and study guides spanning from elementary school to high school.  I had to drop out of school and start most of my education from scratch. That was in 1992 and 1993.

When I was ready, I began a whirlwind summer.

Here is what I did that summer:

  1. Took the SAT
  2. Took the ACT
  3. Passed the GED
  4. Complete two summer college courses at West Virginia State for 3 credit hours each
  5. Went to the Insurance School of America and passed licensing for Property and Causality
  6. Went to the Insurance School of America and passed licensing for Life and Health
  7. Began the fall semester at State with 12 credit hours
West Virginia State University
West Virginia State University
As my greatest academic achievement, I could point to:
  1. Getting my GED after having to relearn so much very much, on my own.
  2. Becoming the youngest female licensed insurance agent in West Virginia at that time.
  3. Two weeks later becoming the youngest dual-licensed insurance agent of any gender in the state, again at that time.
  4. The Dean’s list that summer and every semester after that.

Not one of those is my greatest academic accomplishment. It is the sum of them over such a short time period I consider an accomplishment.

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