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Blogging – FHWChallenge2018

This past month has a been a whirlwind of blogging. I have learned so much. The biggest lesson was not about my ancestors, it was about friends, family and genealogy methodology. It also showed me if I push myself hard enough I can fight against my chronic shyness, even when not wearing clown makeup.

Friends and Family

What possessed me to take on this writing challenge, 52 Stories in 52 weeks, 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, Ancestor Challenge 2018,  and the Genealogy Blog Party at once is beyond even me. The thing I do know is I could not have done the Family History Writing Challenge this year without their love and support. G-D has blessed me with so many loving people in my life. Sometimes I needed them to leave me alone and not be hurt by that, sometimes I just needed a hug. No matter what they were there in any way they could be. Countless times my husband and son would proof my posts. My mother and daughter were constantly getting asked to look at the new posts so I could get feedback. My dear friend Barb and I have not had any time this past month. I think they all have survived this as much as I have. While giving thanks, I have to give thanks that  The Armchair Genealogist for making the word tracker in 2016, for that year’s event. It helped keep me motivated.

Genealogy Methodology

I never knew how much I did not know! Blogging about your family is eye-opening. You find little gaps, records you should have, you notice things that are not obvious when just looking at a family group sheet or pedigree chart. In order to even do some of the stories, I had to do individual timelines. I feel the same way about the timelines as I do about the blogging. Together you really do get a wider perspective and get to know the people more. I am leaving this month a better genealogist. As a part of my personal GPS standards, I will have a timeline for everyone and a blog post for everyone I can. Luckily it takes a while to make sure your tree is GPS compliant when doing a Gend-Over and DNA Do-Over.

Next Years Blogging

It is time for me to decide who I will be writing about for next year for the whole month. I am also considering taking baby steps and picking one ancestor a week or two for the month. There are so many good choices and I need to get prepping. Cynthia Rainwater would be fun and challenging. Tabitha Eaton, who I am blogging about soon, is someone I feel a special connection to as well. It may be a Furbee, they are always great fun. I do know I am going to take a break from even thinking about the Family History Writing Challenge 2109 for at least a week.

Thank you to everyone who has taken this journey with me.




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