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Report: Notes: Marriage

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# Family ID Living HusbandName WifeName Marriage Date Divorce Date Marriage_Note
1 F17213  Barcelona, Alfonso Alfonsez Prince of Aragon  De Sabran, Gersinde  Jul 1193    Contract 
2 F16782  Beauchamp, Richard  Despencer, Isabel  Jul 27, 1411    Elmley Castle 
3 F16851  Beauclerc, Henry   Atheling, Matilda Edith  Aug 06, 1100    Westminster Abbey 
4 F16852  Beauclerc, Henry   Louvain, Adeliza of  Jan 29, 1122    Westminster Abbey 
5 F12786  Bogart, Willie C.  Webb, Henrietta Elizabeth  1894    Middle Creek 
6 F23859  Bohannon, Dunkin  Collmore, Sisley "Cicely"  Jul 05, 1658    St. Michael's Parish 
7 F22135  Brabant, John "Jean" Duke of  England, Margaret Princess of  Jul 08, 1290    Westminster Abbey 
8 F681  Chapline, Henry P.  McAdams, Isabella C.   Jan 14, 1851    Later West Virginia.  
9 F10138  Clabough, Luther Edmond  Dellinger, Martha Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Apr 15, 1922    15 Apr 1922 
10 F23350  Clifford, Robert De  Clare, Maud De  Nov 03, 1295    Clifford Castle 
11 F22390  De Brus, Robert  Carrick, Margaret Countess of  1271    Turnberry Castle 
12 F16529  Douglas, Archibald  Tudor, Margaret  Aug 06, 1514    Kinnoull Chapel 
13 F2977  Emert, James Daniel  Butler, Asa  Between 18and 51, 1853    Abt 1852 
14 F22014  England, Henry King of  Valois, Catherine  Jun 03, 1420    St. Catherine 
15 F12327  Fussell, Nicholas  _____, Mary  1666    Saint Charles Parish 
16 F12328  Fussell, Nicholas  Camp, Judith  Aug 06, 1627    Saint Mary Magdalen 
17 F12325  Fussell, Thomas  Frances, Sarah  1696    Saint Charles Parish 
18 F877  Hancock, James Francis Marion  Smith, Mary Margret  Dec 26, 1879    Marriage performed by Magistrate Michael Cate 
19 F16557  Hanover, Edward Augustus  _____, Victoria Mary Louisa  Jul 11, 1818    Kew Palace 
20 F16759  Hanover, Frederick Louis  Saxe-Gotha, Augusta Princess of  May 08, 1736    Chapel Royal, St. James Palace 
21 F17415  Hanover, William Henry IV  _____, Adelaide Louisa Theresa   Jul 11, 1818    Kew Palace 
22 F22088  Holand, Edmund De  England, Constance Princess of      (not Married) 
23 F11000  Justice, Reuben  Valentine, Martha  Dec 25, 1895    Jones Cove 
24 F1945  Kear, Joel  McCarter, Mary "Polly"  Aug 18, 1870    18 Aug 1870 
25 F3049  King, Thomas Jeremy  Sapp, Kellie Sue  Jun 10, 1995    1401 Myers Avenue, First Church United Methodist Church of Dunbar (Dunbar UMC). 
26 F5260  Koone, Nicholas  DeWalt, Mary  Abt 1773    The Carolina's 
27 F16778  Langley, Edmund  Perez, Isabella  Abt Mar 01, 1372    Hertford Castle 
28 F17482  Mortimer, Edmund "The Good"  Plantagenet, Phillippa  1359    Queens Chapel 
29 F16394  Neville, Ralph  Beaufort, Joan  Nov 29, 1396    Chateau De Beaufort 
30 F5730  Plantagenet, Edward  Wayte, Elizabeth      Not Married 
31 F16741  Plantagenet, Edward  _____, Margaret  Sep 10, 1299    Canterbury Cathedral 
32 F23793  Plantagenet, Edward  Hainault, Philippa of  Jan 24, 1329    York Minster Abby 
33 F22092  Plantagenet, Henry Curtmantle  De Clifford, Rosamond       Not Married 
34 F22095  Plantagenet, Henry Curtmantle  Balliol, Annabel  May 18, 1153    Not Married 
35 F16811  Plantagenet, John "Lackland"  Ferrers, Agatha De      Not Married 
36 F16812  Plantagenet, John "Lackland"  Gifford, Matilda      Not Married 
37 F16813  Plantagenet, John "Lackland"  England, Concubine One Lackland of      Not Married 
38 F16814  Plantagenet, John "Lackland"  England, Concubine Three Lackland of      Not Married 
39 F16815  Plantagenet, John "Lackland"  Fitzwarin, Hawisa      Not Married 
40 F16816  Plantagenet, John "Lackland"  England, Concubine Two Lackland of      Not Married 
41 F16817  Plantagenet, John "Lackland"  De Warrene,       Not Married 
42 F16819  Plantagenet, John "Lackland"  Plantagenet, Miss  28/0/0    Kings Manor House 
43 F23792  Plantagenet, Lionel of Antwerp Duke Clarence Prince of England  Burgh, Elizabeth De  Sep 09, 1352    Tower of London 
44 F16827  Plantagenet, Richard  Provence, Sancha Countess of  Nov 23, 1243    Westminster Abbey 
45 F13061  Proffitt, James Walter  Ketner, Nancy Malinda  Jan 22, 1896    Chestnut Hill 
46 F14805  Proffitt, Rev John  Arrington, Suzannah  Mar 10, 1757    St. James Northern Parish 
47 F13176  Proffitt, Samuel Wesley  Strange, Sarah E.  May 06, 1903    Chestnut Hill 
48 F7932  Randolph, Paul Chester  Wolf, Alice Omega  Sep 12, 1947    Notes by Kellie Sue Sapp King:
"For Grandma and Grandpa Randolph's 50th wedding anniversery they
reaffirmed thier marriage convent at 2:00 p.m., Sunday, September 14, 1997, at Oak Grove United Methodist Church, off of Sand Hill Road, Letart, Mason County, West Virginia. Watching them renew the vows they had made years ago was so heartwarming. After the ceremony there was a reception from 3:30-5:30 p.m., at Vernon United Methodist Church's Fellowship Hall, on Letart Road, Letart, West Virginia where my husband Tom and I were able to meet relatives that we had never made the aquatance of before and spend time with those whom we seldom saw." 
49 F18076  Richard, III  Nevill, Anne  Jul 12, 1472    Westminster Abbey 
50 F17876  Romanov, Nikolas II Alexandrovich  Fedorovna, Alexandre  Nov 26, 1894    Winter Palace 

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