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 #   Report Name   Description 
1. Dates: Faulty Dates Personal Dates to complete.  
2. Dates: Faulty Marriage Marriage Dates to complete. 
3. Gender: Marriage Report to check the genders of married couples. 
4. Gender: Unknown Report to clarify genders of individuals when possible. 
5. Geography: Colonial Times Attempt to correct all people born in the Colonies, not the United States of Amercia, using birth dates.  
6. Geography: Places with identical geocodes Places with identical geocodes that need consolidated.  
7. Geography: Virginia to West Virginia Birthdates Attempt to correct all people born in Virginia, not West Virginia, using birth dates.  
8. Information: Recent Changes People who have had changes in the last 90 days. 
9. Living: Deceased marked Living Those who have passed and are still marked as being with us. 
10. Living: Living individuals list. Individuals marked as living. 
11. Name: Living First Name Individuals with the first name marked as Living. 
12. Name: Non-alphabetic characters  Individuals whose names need corrected.  
13. Name: Same Names How many individuals share the same first and last name. They need distinguished. 
14. Name: Spouse Individuals with the word Spouse in their name. 
15. Notes: Individuals Individuals with Notes. 
16. Notes: Marriage Individuals with Notes regarding Marriage. 
17. Report: Incomplete Families Families where either the husband or the wife is missing.  
18. Report: Orphaned Individuals  Individuals who are not connected to any other individuals and need to be.