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Where There’s A Will – Elizabeth Furbee

Benjamin Furbee was born in Northwestern England in 1633. His father is believed to be Felix Furbee of Scotland Born 1613 Died 1667. He married Elizabeth. She was born in 1634 and was born and died in the same locations as her husband. The marriage of Benjamin and Elizabeth is calculated to be 1650 and was …

Grandma and Grandpa Randolph
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Love Lessons – Paul and Alice Randolph

The descendants of Paul Chester Randolph and Alice Omega (Wolfe) Randolph learned many lessons about love by listening to their story and watching them. Grandma Randolph made it point to share secrets of long-lasting marriage with her family. When my husband and I got married she gave us a list of things, printed out, in a simple …

The Gowrie Conspiracy
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Trotter Family – The Fall of Ruthven

Please read Part One of the Trotter story here before reading further. Now that we have a better idea of the atmosphere between the Scottish Monarch and the Ruthven family of Gowrie was can piece together what happened next. This will help us get to the Trotter family. We do know that King James went to …