Paul Chester Randolph – A Goodbye

planned to write about the life of Paul Chester Randolph. After my grandfather in law passed I knew there would be a day where I would share the memories and life of this remarkable man. After reading the obituary in the newspaper I knew there was little left to be said. I am free now to [...]

Luck – Not In The Face

his is the story my husband told me I should write when I told him I was going to write about Luck for the 52 Ancestors writing prompt. Luck, both good and bad, was with him that day. He is blessed that the accident was not worse. When my husband often stayed with and visited his maternal [...]

As Luck Would Have It – Belleek Crystal

hen I think of stories of luck it is one story I think of. How one mans luck became the luck of many. John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited Castle Caldwell and the Caldwell estate upon his father's death. In addition to inheriting that he also gained a severe problem. His people were struggling for food and work. It was [...]

Strong Woman – A Woman Suffering

usan Brownell Anthony is the face of Women's Suffrage.  She traveled not only the United States but the world for over half a century. She gave an average of seventy-five to one hundred speeches a year. The speeches, events, and rallies were not only for women to have the right to vote but for equality of all [...]

Blogging – FHWChallenge2018

his past month has a been a whirlwind of blogging. I have learned so much. The biggest lesson was not about my ancestors, it was about friends, family and genealogy methodology. It also showed me if I push myself hard enough I can fight against my chronic shyness, even when not wearing clown makeup. Friends and [...]